2013 Testimonials


Pat N:  My son Adam is 13.  He was 25th in the doe and 14th in the buck this year.  Nephew Kalon won the youth doe division.  We will definitely spread the word in Menomonie.

Jarrod R:  Thank you, thank you, thank you! This was definitely the highlight of my year!

Dan R:  Thanks again for another year of a great idea!!  I hope you will give it a go again next year.

Cody C:  Thank you. It was a good year hunting for me and to top it off I get a free shoulder mount and $50 gift card to Fleet Farm.  I will be buying a ticket next year and hope to get a buck like this year.

Dallas S:  I still can’t believe I won!  Thank you for putting this contest on, looking forward to the new ATV!! Thank you again!

Drew B.:  I'll definitely be buying again next year.  I think the word will really get out in the next year.  Thanks again!

Nick H:  Thanks again man. You run an awesome contest and will have a lot more new entrants next year in my friends, family, and others I have informed about it. Good luck in the future and best wishes.

Brandon K:  I really had a blast watching the pictures and results.  I will get a ton more people to enter next year, too!

James P:  Hey you guys are doing an awesome job! Thank you!

Dawn C:  Looking forward to a great deer season next year and we will be part of the contest again! Thanks!

Nicole W:  Thank you again, great program. Fun!

Justin W:  This was a fun experience! First time I won anything! Awesome contest! Can't wait for next year! Thank you!

Dan R:  Chauncey, thanks again for another year of a great idea!!

Marc J:  Looks good! Looking forward to next year!

Ron D:  Even though I did not qualify a deer, I really appreciate this contest and will certainly be getting more entrants for next year. Keep up the good work!!

Mike A:  Definitely help promote next year! 

Curt M:  Thanks for the contest and my daughter also thanks you for the Fleet Farm gift card! We are both looking forward to next season and will both participate in your contest again!


2012 Testimonials


Josh S.- I would especially like to thank the Big Buck Challenge for this entire event, they did an amazing job!

Travis T.- First off...this is a great contest already as I see it...wish I had seen something worth shooting at...

CJ B.- Contests seems really good to me, hope I have a top deer next year.

Joe C.- I like the fact you are adding a kid category. Other than that I hope it was profitable for you because I think it is a great idea. In an informal way you are helping to collect interesting data. Thanks for doing it!

Jason M.- How about a prize for the guy that doesn’t sign up for the contest and then shoots a 260lb 14 pointer.... me.... just kidding. Wish I had entered though, definitely will next year.

Brian K.- I know a lot if hunters that didn’t even know about it. Great contest and thanks for doing this! I'm sure it will grow every year!

Trista P.- It was a lot of fun, especially for me. I shot my first deer and was just a fluke. I talked my husband into signing me up for the Big Buck Challenge. I didn’t even think I would get on the board, Lol. It was exciting checking the boards every night to see where my name was, Lol. Thank you so much giving us the opportunity at the Big Buck Challenge, it was awesome.

Dawn C.- What an awesome contest you put on!  Just wanted to thank you for all the time, effort, and money you put into this.  You've made a lot of people happy this season and it's so good to see so many kids in the woods.  It's such a privilege to still be able to hunt with the way our world is going.  So glad to see there are still some kids who see the blessing.  Thanks so much and am really looking forward to next year.

Kyle F.- Thank you Chauncey, you put on a great contest and I appreciate it.  Something finally worked out in my favor.  The 4 wheeler is awesome.  My kids and I love it.  Hopefully we can stay in touch and if you come down my way shoot me text or e-mail.  Take care!

Josh B.- Hey Chauncey.  This is Josh Beecher.  I got 4th place in the over 200 category in your contest this year.  Just wanted to say thanks again for everything.  Thought you guys did an awesome job with the contest.  The Vortex binoculars are sweet!  I think you guys have started a great thing here and would also like to see it keep going so let me know if you want some help advertising for next year’s contest. Thanks!

Jon J.- This Vortex scope is awesome. Nailed the center out of a quarter at 400 yards. Thank you mnbigbuck.com!