2015 Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where do we buy tickets?

A: There are numerous locations around MN to purchase your tickets.  Mills Fleet Farm has them at the service counter where you purchase you license.  You can also purchase them on our website, usbigbuck.com.  Ticket locations will also be listed on usbigbuck.com.


Q: Where are the locations to weigh our deer?

A: There is a page dedicated to these locations on our site, click here.


Q: What hours are the weigh stations open?

A: The hours are listed on our weigh station page, click here.


Q: What if I can’t make it to the weigh station before its open/closed?

A: These hours are when we are open, you have to weigh your deer in these allocated times.


Q: How do youth between ages 10-15 get entered for the Mills Fleet Farm Youth Contest?

A: There is no pre-registration required for youth hunters ages 10-15, just bring your deer to the weigh station during the open hours.


Q: What if a youth ages 10-15 want to also enter the main contest?

A: They have to purchase a ticket for the contest at our ticket locations or at usbigbuck.com.


Q: How do I prepare my deer for the weigh-in?

A: There is no real preparation for the weigh-in other than your deer must be field dressed to our specifications; those details are in the rules under #6. 


Q: Where and when will we receive the prize we won?

A: The Awards Ceremony will be held about 2 weeks after the Minnesota season.  We will announce the date’s and time’s on the website when determined.  I will also contact all the winners when the official results are recorded.


Q: Are there any limits on where I can hunt or what means I harvest the deer with?

A: As long you are in compliance with your respective state DNR Regulations, you are eligible.


Q: Will you check anything to ensure whose deer it is?

A: Yes, the name on the tag on the deer must match the contestant entering the deer.


Q: Can I register more than one deer with my ticket?

A: No. If the respective state’s DNR laws permit you to take more than one deer, you must buy two tickets.  One deer per ticket.


Q: Can I purchase tickets for others hunting with me?

A: Yes.  But if you do so, we need there contact information for when they weigh a deer.


Q: Do we need to bring anything to the weigh station to weigh our deer?

A: No. You will fill out a “weigh-in slip” with your contact information on it, and we will match the records.  You will receive a copy of the weigh-in slip.