About Us

I grew up in northwest Minnesota in a town with the population of 40.  My grandpa started a farm which my dad took over and ran for years.  In the late 90's, we had a grain farm of close to 6500 acres.  We shut the farm down in '97.  In the winter years, riding snowmobiling was all we did.  In the winter of '95-'96, I had a little over 5500 miles on my new sled as well as my brother.  After high-school, I attended UND for a year.  During that time, I met my wife who lived in a small town in central MN.  After the year ended, I headed to Brainerd and started working for a Construction company.  My wife and I tied the knot in the summer of '01, and are still going strong.  We have 4 children, Chloe (12), Selina (9), Andy (5), and Maxton who is 18 months old.

Hunting was a big part of my life growing up, whenever we had a chance as kids we were out in the woods.  Deer season especially was my passion, which was the same for my whole family.  We hunted 640 acres.  We had it set up perfectly, with stands in ideal locations.  Our little fish-house was the headquarters, and the trails branched out from there.  After many years of renting the property, the landowner began to sell off quarters, which pushed us out.  We then bought an 80 and built a beautiful little 24' square cabin.  My uncle owns another 80 in the section, and we rent another quarter.  We now have that set up really nice as well, with lots of food plots, a couple ponds, and lots of cover.  It killed me not to be out there last year, as I was at different Big Buck Challenge weigh station's making sure everything was running smoothly.

I decided to do the "Big Buck Challenge" at the beginning of 2012.  I was at church one morning talking to a friend, (now my business partner), about this idea.  That following Monday, emailed me a list to me about what had to be done to get this venture off the ground.  Well while working construction on my own, the nights and weekends where filled with countless phone calls, emails, meetings, ect.  Well it was a busy summer, but things turned out quite well and we had a blast!  There were no hiccups in the system, and I consider that a success.

My goal in this venture is to get the excitement back into hunting, and most importantly get youth into the outdoors.  Technology is taking over our world, which isn't bad but the outdoors is where all my great memories were created.  But to get the kids outdoors, the dad's and grandpa's need to take them and guide them.  I hope what I am doing will make a difference and make some lucky people happy for getting awesome prizes for doing what they enjoy.  A portion of the proceeds will be going to Central Minnestoa Adult and Teen Challenge, which is a faith-based organization that has an amazing success rate for individuals stuck in drugs and alcohol.  My family is heavily invovled in this program, as well as at our local church.  Here is a link to MN Adult and Teen Challenge if you know someone who needs help.  www.mntc.org

Thanks for your interest and for entering the Big Buck Challenge in your state.  Good luck this season!

Chauncey Hanson